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What Are The Advantage And Disadvantages Of Chipboard Laminate?

Aug 20,2020

What Is Chipboard Definition ?

chipboard sheets, also known as wood shavings particle board. bagasse board. made of wood or other lignocellulose materials, under the action of heat and pressure. the application of particle board furniture of glue to form a wood-based board. also known as broken board use of waste wood. Density board, also known as fiberboard. is a wood-based board made of Engineered wood or other plant fiber. used with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. particle board uses wood or other wood, fiber material. through the action of pressure and heat. bonded to the wood substrate. chipboard laminated refers to wood fiber material after crushing. and pressing into the water made of glue. The cross section of the surface of the particle boards is three layers. the outer two layers are fine particles wood chips. and the middle is large particles Lamination.

What Is Chipboard Used For And What Is The Particle Board Price?

At present. there is a shortage of chipboard sheets meet the needs of uncertain living. and social development. to save the comprehensive of the wood and the wood. The development of particleboard wood fibers is an important way. According to statistics, 1.3 cubic meters of waste can produce 1 cubic meter of shaving board. and the value of 1 cubic meter of shaving board is to 3 cubic meters of logs. In that production of particle board furniture, the performance. and use of the particleboard vary by the production method, the type of the raw material. the structure and the density of the types of chipboards. but used for families and building materials. The shaving board has become a more popular core material than wood because of its low cost. and good performance. Face impregnated paper, decorative paper, etc., particle board thickness. can used for sealing veneers impregnated paper. decorative paper, wood strips or plastic strips or post-formed edges. The shaving board can used for various furniture parts after decorated and processed. For furniture industry. flooring materials, ceilings and panels, as well as in the kitchen and in the interior of the closet. Besides, the shaving board can also used for trains, automobiles, ships. and interior decoration and packaging.

What Is The Wood Product Chipboard Pros And Cons?

Advantages Of Chipboard

-the main advantage of particle board is Excellent sound absorption . and heat insulation performance. particleboard insulation and sound absorption;

- another advantages of a chipboard is internal grain structure. mutual penetration, irregular structure. the same function in all directions, good lateral bearing capacity;

- smooth appearance of particleboard, clear texture, uniform volume density. small thickness error, pollution resistance, aging resistance, beautiful. can used for a variety of veneers;

- particle board in the production process, the amount of glue is small. the environmental protection coefficient is higher.

-Due to the uniform structure of the particle board and good processing performance. it can processed into a large surface according to the needs. and is a good raw material. for producing melamine veneer furniture of different specifications. and styles. The finished particleboard does not need to drilled any more. it can used , and the sound absorption and sound insulation functions are also very good.

Disadvantages Of Chipboard

- the disadvantages of particle board is The internal granular structure is not easy to grind;

- When cutting the sheet, edges of the chipboard is only a scene of forming a tooth. so some technologies have higher requirements for processing equipment. it is not suitable for on-site manufacturing;

- Due to the rough edge of the particle board decorative laminate. the moisture absorption is simple. it is especially important to use particleboard for edge sealing of furniture. Another reason is that the particleboard melamine board is bulky. and as its particle board furniture designs produced. it is proportional to other panels.